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Racking Solutions 


Heavy Duty Racking Solutions For A Wide Range Of Products




Racking: Industrial and commercial racking systems for the storage of a wide range of products. From the smallest nut and bolt to the largest box or pallet we have the racking solution to all your storage problems. Racking systems for industry, commerce and home.



Pallet Racking


Pallet Racking 


Used Racking


  Speedlock MK3

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Rack Protection


 Standard Duty Pallet Racking Post Protector  


Long Span


 Budget Long Span Shelving
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Galvanized Racking


Galvanized Pallet Racking 


Rack Identification


Rack Identification 


Recycling Sacks


 Rack Sacks


Body Panel Racks


Body Panel Racks 


Anti-collapse mesh 


 Anti-collapse mesh


Bar Racks


 Bar Racking


Cantilever Racks


 Cantilever Racks



Versi Racks


 Verti Racks


Garment Racks


  Garment Racks 

Kanban Racks


Kanban Shelving  


Reel Racks


Reel racks 


Tote Pan Racks


  Tote Pan Racks


Wide Span Racks


Express Long Span Shelving 


Tyre Racks 


Tyre Racks 


Adjustable Pallet Racking (APR)

Adjustable Pallet Racking is the most popular of Warehouse storage solutions, providing a great deal of flexibility for the safe and efficient storage of palletised goods.

Pallet racking consists of two main components, the frame (or upright) and the beams. A pair of beams is needed to create a level, and two frames are needed to make a bay. To create a run of racking, a third frame can be added to make 2 bays, the middle frame then become common to the two bays either side of it.

A simple way to envisage this is to imagine 5 lamp posts on a road and imagine they are the frames, between your lamp posts you will have 4 gaps (the bays) so 5 frames will create 4 bays.

This type of racking is simple and easy to install, with the adjustable cross-beams simply slotting into place, meaning that changing the level heights can be done quickly and easily when the need arises. The range of beam lengths and frame heights available also means that all types and sizes of pallets can be accommodated with ease.

With the addition of chipboard, steel shelf panels  or slatted-timber decking the basic pallet racking structure can also be utilized to store non-palletised goods and create ideal spaces for order picking and stock control.

No pallet racking job is too big or too small for Spectra Systems, we are happy to supply a quote for anything from a single frame to a full warehouse.

We usually have stock in a range of sizes from all the leading manufacturers, including Dexion Speedlock, AR storage solutions, Apex, Link 51, Hilo, Polypal, Redirack, Stackapal,  Mecalux and Planned Storage. If it's not on the website, please call us and we may be able to help you.


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Morton Table 

 Eco Friendly Outdoor Furniture



Be ready for Summer 2019



slotted angle

10 lengths 3048 x 40 x 40mm

Plus free nuts, bolts & corner plates

ONLY £99.00


 High Chair

Workplace Chairs

From £42

 Cylinder Racks 

Cylinder Storage

 Steel Drawer Cabinet

Steel Drawer Units


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 T3 High Chair

T3 Industrial High Chair




From £109



 Budget Longspan


Budget Long Span Shelving


 Longspan shelving in stock.

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