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Bins, Containers & Boxes


Parts Bins & Containers For Small Parts Storage

 Bins: Plastic, cardboard, polyboard and metal bins, boxes & containers for small parts storage. Louvre panel storage bins.


Plastic Picking Bins

Plastic picking bins, boxes and plastic containers for high density small parts storage. The ideal solution for the storage of small and expensive parts. The semi open fronted containers allow easy access to products either stored on wall mounted louvre panels or self stacked on shelves. Plastic boxes and containers can be used with louvre panels or stacked to give high density storage and enable easy access to products. Stored items can be easily identified by use of the cards held in the moulded label holders on the front of the picking bins. Available in a large range of sizes and colours. 

Bins & Louvre Panels


Premium Bins Louvre Panel And Premium Bins


Budget Bins


Budget Bins

 Budget Bins


Picking Bins


Picking BinsPicking Bins


Electro-Conductive Bins


Electro Conductive Bins  Electro Conductive Bins 

Stacking Bins


Large Stacking Containers




Solid Euro Containers


Cardboard Containers


Cardboard Parts Bins


Tote Pans


Galvanised Tote Pans


Small Parts Trays 


Component Storage Trays  




Poly Bins




Poly Boxes


Poli Box 


35 litre boxes


Really Useful Boxes 



Stacking Bins

Semi open fronted stackable containers available in two sizes and colours. Ideal for the storage of larger items where easy access is required quickly. 

Cardboard Containers

Supplied in flat packs these easily assembled cardboard bins are an economical answer to small parts storage. 

Tote Pans & Vista Bins.

Stackable steel galvanised containers for the storage of heavy items available in a large range sizes. 


Plastic stackable solid and ventilated containers for storage and transport in a wide range of sizes and colours. 
Polypropylene Easyfold Containers 

Polypropylene parts bins and stackable boxes an economical answer to small parts storage.
Really Useful Boxes 
35 litre storage boxes with lids in a range of colours 

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Morton Table 

 Eco Friendly Outdoor Furniture



Be ready for Summer 2019



slotted angle

10 lengths 3048 x 40 x 40mm

Plus free nuts, bolts & corner plates

ONLY £99.00


 High Chair

Workplace Chairs

From £42

 Cylinder Racks 

Cylinder Storage

 Steel Drawer Cabinet

Steel Drawer Units


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 T3 High Chair

T3 Industrial High Chair




From £109



 Budget Longspan


Budget Long Span Shelving


 Longspan shelving in stock.

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